The Client

Working from their headquarters in Rotherham, Build-Lite UK are market-leaders when it comes to finding innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions for the construction industry. Working across the entire building process, Build-Lite specialise in time-saving and aesthetic products including stone-coats, colour glaze finishes and Litestack chimneys.

The new machine recently installed by Greenbank has drastically improved the efficiency of processing our polystyrene waste for recycling.

- Jay Brambridge, Technical Sales, Build Lite

The Problem

Build-Lite has had a focus on green issues from the company’s inception, and recently won an international award for their innovative approach to environmental sustainability. The brand had already used a variety of different methods and machinery to recycle their polystyrene and other packaging materials.

These had been beset by problems including machine breakdown, compactors being unable to cope with their throughput, and delayed service repairs. As a result, the company’s waste management processes were not matching its intended efficiency levels, nor its environmental goals.

The Requirements

Build-Lite identified several requirements that their new solution needed to fulfil:

1. A machine able to compact waste materials to a higher density than those previously tried.
2. They needed total transparency from a potential supplier as their previous machine had not performed to the
company’s expectations.
3. Build-Lite needed excellent service back-up to minimise downtime and reduce waste removal costs.

The Recommendation

After discussing Build-Lite’s requirements in detail, we recommended an SC3100 heavy-duty compactor for its pre-crush abilities, plus its place as a machine that can cope with demands in excess of Build-Lite’s current needs. This gave the brand peace of mind regarding any sudden rise in waste quantities, and allows for future expansion at a comfortable rate of growth.

Furthermore, Greenbank Recycling Solutions offered their Mastercare Service Plan as standard with a lease-hire plan. Mastercare guarantees the best possible solution should one of our clients’ machines require urgent attention, coming with an average response time of 15-18 hours and a first-time fix rate between 95-98%.

Having put the machine through its paces, Build-Lite were also impressed with the speed of the machine, which dealt with heavier loads and at a quicker rate than any model they’d previously tested.

The Objections

Following some poor experiences with other suppliers’ machinery and service, Build-Lite were primarily concerned that any recommended device would surpass their needs and become a long-term solution. They’d been impressed by our guaranteed response rate and fix timescales but needed proof that Greenbank’s machinery was right for the job, both now and in the future.

To ensure our solution was in keeping with Build-Lite’s requirements, we firstly visited the site to view their day-to-day operations first hand and offered a complimentary waste audit on their current set-up. After gathering statistics together concerning the likes of present methods used, space available and
current waste volume, we matched the data to the capabilities of our machines and only then made our recommendation.

To test the accuracy of our proposal and properly manage Build-Lite’s expectations, we brought a sample of the company’s waste materials back to our own demo site to ensure everything would perform as expected.

The Solution

Greenbank were delighted to install its machine at Build-Lite’s headquarters. Our client commended the smoothness of the process, from our initial connection through to recommendations, testing and product delivery. Build-Lite also praised our engineer’s knowledge and were pleased to report that our machine performed perfectly from the moment of installation.

The SC3100 can handle up to 250kg of waste per hour, and comes with a remote monitoring system built-in as standard. In the unlikely event of any machine breakdown, our engineers will be informed at the point of occurrence.

The Result

Greenbank installed their Heavy Duty SC3100 Compactor in February, 2022. The team at Build-Lite has been extremely pleased with our processes and the high performance of their recommended product. Their new compactor is saving labour time, processing denser amounts of waste materials at a far faster rate, and saving the company both time and money when it comes to removing recyclables from their premises.

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