Cobalt EPS polystyrene compactors have been developed with advanced technology that makes them capable of compacting large amounts of material. It has the ability to maintain a high compaction rate throughout operation on a continuous basis. In addition, Cobalt EPS polystyrene compactors are very low maintenance machines. Speak to us today about the best compactors for polystyrene.

These polystyrene compactors are especially designed for densifying packaging foams, a difficult material which they compact at a volume reduction of up to 40:1 and do so at incredibly fast rates. These machines are also suitable for EPP foam and polyurethene. We offer polystyrene compactors in three models: SC1000, SC2000 and SC3000. These are different size machines that compact varying amounts of polystyrene. We can advise which model of compactor for polystyrene is best for your space and usage.

The SC3000 model has been specially designed to make a compacted block which will stack perfectly into a container. This will ensure a maximum payload is maintained for export.

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“We have worked alongside Farne Salmon to generate a new revenue stream via the sale of the compacted EPS. The company previously had to pay for its polystyrene fish boxes to be collected, it now sells the compacted blocks produced by its Cobalt SC3000.”

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