B50Vertical Baler

The B50 is suitable for use in larger retail stores and various industrial companies with larger amounts of waste. The machine has a strong press force and is designed for efficient waste handling of both cardboard and dry, soft plastic.

The B50 Baler has a wide filling opening making it no problem when handling large boxes and other bulky waste. Rows of barbs inside the chamber work efficiently on keeping down waste materials including expandable rubbish like dry, soft plastic. Bales are straightforward to remove via automatic ejection whilst the door opens steadily and safely.

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Key Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

The B50 vertical baler requires regular cleaning to help prevent blockages and to keep the machine running in optimal state. Upon delivery of the machine, we will provide you with a brief training on how to run and maintain this baler; there is also a daily maintenance checklist provided. As an additional step, the baler’s hydraulic system and electrical components should be regularly inspected by a trained engineer as a preventive measure and to ensure proper operation.

The benefits provided by our range of Bramidan balers is three-fold: 1) Reduce costs – By reducing the storage space needed and the number of transportation trips, the B50 baler will have a positive effect on your bottom line. 2) Revenue stream – Baled waste, whether that’s cardboard, plastic or polythene, is a valuable item. It’s highly sought after by recycling firms who wish to take it off your hands and pay you for the pleasure. The B50 is a mill size baler so the bales it produces will help you to maximise the collection lorry’s payload and thus increasing your rebate. 3) Positive environmental impact – Less transportation trips and reducing the amount of waste that’s sent to landfill will both have a positive impact on the environment and will help in reducing your businesses carbon footprint.

Short Cycle Time

The B50 balers cycle time is only 26 seconds! This allows for faster baling of waste material which reduces labour costs and the costs associated with running the machine.

Efficient Motor

Featuring an efficient 5.5kW motor, the B50 saves on energy use. This benefits your bottom line and the environment.

Key Features

  • Automatic ejection – Two-handed operation ejects the bale
  • Large filling opening – for handling bulky waste materials
  • Safe and steady opening of door – Operated by a strong threaded spindle

Bra-in Monitoring System

With our monitoring system BRA-IN you can control and optimize your baler fleet.

  • Actual fill level of the machine
  • Machine status
  • Access to production data
  • Location of equipment
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