B5WVertical Baler

The B5W has been designed to service users with smaller amounts of waste yet requiring a model to handle bulky materials.

Characterised by a very wide filling opening of 1 metre this machine is extremely advantageous when handling larger cardboard boxes.

The chamber is equipped with rows of efficient barbs. These keep the material towards the back whilst ensuring optimum filling.

The B5W provides a press force of 5t and a filling opening of 1000mm x 500mm. Bale size is 1000 x 700 x 800mm. In terms of bale weight the B5W achieves weights between 80kg and 110kg when recycling cardboard. With plastic it’s slightly heavier at 90-130kg.

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Key Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

For cardboard and low density plastic, the Bramidan B5W baler offers compaction ratios of up to 10:1. The automatic bale ejection on the B5W large cardboard baler makes it easy to remove the compacted bales from the machine. Once the bale is complete, the machine will automatically eject it from the chamber.

An industrial baler is a machine that is used to compact and compress materials into a more manageable form for storage, handling, and transportation. They are commonly used in the recycling and waste management industries to reduce the volume of materials such as cardboard, paper, plastics, and metal.

For large and bulky materials

An extra wide baler designed to handle large and bulky materials. The largest boxes can be thrown right in without being broken down.

Easy installation and wide application

This baler operates on a single phase power supply, which makes it easy to install in a wide variety of environments.

B5 Wide – Perfect for handling large boxes:

  • Large filling opening – Advantage when handling larger boxes
  • Easy to replace strap rolls – They are placed in front
  • Automatic ejection – Two-hand operation ejects the bale

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