Industrial balers enhance waste management processes in warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities that generate large volumes of cardboard, shrink wrap, and paper waste. These balers efficiently compact these materials into manageable bales, streamlining waste handling, storage, and recycling. By converting loose, bulky waste into compact bales, industrial balers address the challenges of waste volume, ensuring a tidy and efficient operation.

Using industrial balers significantly cuts disposal costs by reducing waste volume, enhances operational efficiency with faster processing and less space needed, and aids in achieving sustainability goals with better recycling. Additionally, they offer the potential for extra revenue through recycling rebates, leading to a streamlined, economical, and eco-friendly waste management approach.

Greenbank offers both vertical and horizontal industrial balers. Vertical balers are ideal for businesses with limited space or lower volumes of waste, offering a compact solution without sacrificing performance. Horizontal, semi-automatic balers are suited for operations with higher volumes of waste, providing efficiency and ease of use for larger facilities. Additionally, we offer fully automatic balers, designed for the highest levels of efficiency and ease of use, ideal for facilities needing to process large amounts of waste without manual intervention.

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