Standard Portable Compactors

From dealing with dry waste to waste with high liquid content, standard portable compactors are the right technological accompaniment for any effective waste management policy. Each is built with a robust design that helps reduce spillages when transferring waste to landfill as they’re completely enclosed.

Configured to your waste management needs

These compactors can be configured differently to suit a variety of business requirements. They’re the perfect choice for companies where space is valuable and where management wants to improve waste disposal techniques.

Flexible, manoeuvrable and designed with hygiene in mind.

PCS8 Custom Built Portable Compactor

PCS8 Custom Built Portable Compactor

The PCS8 portable compactor features a large 8 cubic metre capacity and a powerful hydraulic ram, capable of crushing waste materials such as cardboard, plastic, and general waste into dense, easily transportable. Ideal for businesses looking for a reliable and easy to use waste compactor.

Container Volume = 8 mcu
Cycle Time = 23 seconds
Space Required = 3970 mm x 1990mm



Portable Compactors offer compaction ratios of up to 8:1. The compaction process allows for much more waste than a standard skip, resulting in fewer collections from your waste collection provider.



The PCS16 offers high compaction forces of 31T, making it the perfect portable compactor for facilities that produce high volumes of non-recyclable waste. Its user-friendly control system and straightforward loading process makes this compactor simple to operate and maintain.

Container Volume = 16 mcu
Cycle Time = 36 seconds
Space Required = 5450mm x 2420mm



The largest portable compactor in our range, the PCS23 features a generous 20 cubic metre capacity and a low filling opening which makes the machine easy to access. This compactor is fully customisable with a variety of different configurations available upon request.

Container Volume = 20 mcu
Cycle Time = 36 seconds
Space Required = 6100mm x 2420mm

  • Reduce your overall business waste up to 90%.
  • Increase profits from selling your waste materials.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Improve on-site safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What materials can be loaded into these compactors?

    These machines are capable of dealing with both dry general waste and wet waste (such as food). However, it’s generally recommended that you use standard portable compactors for general waste – for example, food tainted items without liquid waste, kitchenware and non-recyclable plastics. If you wish to compact wet wastes, it would be recommended that you use a self-cleaning compactor as they have watertight seals which prevent spillages and on-site waste pollution.

  • Which of these compactors is best for my business?

    When deciding between the above compactors, you should consider a few factors:

    • How much waste does your business produce?

    The PCS8 would be better suited to businesses that produce lower volumes of waste, whereas the PCS23 model is best for those who produce higher volumes. The PCS16 compactor sits in-between these two models.

    • Do you produce general waste or wet waste? 

    Standard portable compactors are generally recommended for general waste materials. If you wish to compact wet waste, it’s advised that you instead opt for a self-cleaning compactor.

    • How much space do you have available for a compactor?

    Another important factor to consider is how much space you have available in your facility for housing a compactor machine. The smallest portable compactor we offer, the PCS8 requires 8 square metres of space, the PCS16 requires 13.3 square metres and the largest of the bunch, the PCS23 requires at least 15 square metres.