GB50H Semi Automatic Baler

As a commercial company you are likely to have lower amounts of waste. The GB50H is a low volume semi automatic baler and ideal for meeting such needs. Our high quality machines give you the chance to increase revenue through the production of mill size bales. Operational and labour costs are also reduced.

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GB60H Semi Automatic Baler

Medium waste volumes are no problem for our semi automatic balers. Producing high quality, square edged bales, machines are easy to feed. You don’t have to worry about stalling or your machine breaking down as they have the ability to take large cardboard boxes with ease. View this product for more details.

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GB80H Semi Automatic Baler

High speed, high quality, high volume. Models in this collection are IP55 rated meaning they are ideal for outdoor use. A high baling force achieves superior bale weights. This specific semi automatic baler offers a press force of 65 tonnes. Our large volume machines are heavy duty and easy to maintain.

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