Our semi-automatic balers offer a more affordable option for businesses looking to improve their waste management processes. Our range caters for a wide array of recyclable materials including cardboard, plastics, PET bottles, aluminum and steel cans – making these machines ideal for businesses that produce large amounts of recyclable waste.

Semi automatic balers require an operative to load the waste and start the machine when it’s full. The baler will then process the waste material, producing a bail which will need to be tied off and removed by the operative. It requires a little more input from your staff than fully automatic balers do but it’s still a very simple process nonetheless.

Another benefit of these balers is that they produce mill-size bales, helping you to further decrease your waste management costs and increase the rebates you receive for your bales.

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GB50H Semi Automatic Baler

The GB50H is a low volume semi automatic waste baler, ideal for commercial companies with lower volumes of waste. This high quality machine offers an opportunity for you to not only reduce your operational and labour costs, but also provides you with an opportunity to generate additional revenue through the production of mill size bales which can be sold to recyclers.

Feeding Opening - 1.25m by 1.05m

Compaction force - 38 tonnes

Bale Weight - 400-500 kg

Materials - Cardboard

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GB60H Semi Automatic Baler

The GB60H semi automatic waste baler has the ability to handle large cardboard boxes with ease. It’s incredibly easy to feed with a larger than standard loading aperture and produces high-quality, square edged bales consistently.

Feeding Opening - 1.35m by 1.05m

Compaction force - 50 tonnes

Bale Weight - 500-550 kg

Materials - Cardboard

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GB80H Semi Automatic Baler

The largest model in our semi automatic range, the GB80H offers high speed cycle times, high quality bales and deals with high volumes of cardboard waste with ease, making it the ideal baler for companies who are looking to seriously step up their waste management processes. It’s IP55 rated meaning that it'd be ideal for outdoor use.

Feeding Opening - 1.75m by 1.05m

Compaction force - 65 tonnes

Bale Weight - 600-750 kg

Materials - Cardboard

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