Calling All Household Waste Centres – The Wolfpak WP30 Is Now Available

Wolfpak WP30

Calling All Household Waste Centres – The Wolfpak WP30 Is Now Available

We are heading rapidly towards the end of the year and Christmas is clearly visible on the horizon. With 2019 just around the corner it seems only appropriate to tell you all about the latest addition to Greenbank Waste Solutions. The Wolfpak WP30 is the compactor to feature at every Council Household site (known to residentials as the tip)! But what makes this machine so special? Let’s investigate.

What is a compactor?

Quite simply, a compactor is a device or machine designed to reduce the size of materials and in this case, waste. A good compactor aims to reduce the volume of waste meaning companies can load more, produce more and potentially sell on recyclable bales.

Can you give us a brief overview of the Wolfpak WP30?

Absolutely! This is a mobile compactor, ideally placed on any ground that’s firm. With many household waste centres requiring disposal at ground level, this makes the WP30 ideal.

What kinds of waste can be added?

This compactor has been specifically designed to deal with large amounts of waste. Bulky waste is not a problem and the Wolfpak will comfortably handle items such as a three piece suite, pallets and even substantial garden waste. Standard waste such as copious amounts of XXL cardboard boxes are no problem for this machine and similar dry waste will also compact accordingly. With the ability to work conveniently, timely and economically across a whole range of household waste, we draw your attention once again to the fact the Wolfpak WP30 is the go-to compactor for household waste centres.

Tell us about the features this compactor has to offer;

We have already mentioned that the WP30 has the ability to compact large amounts of bulky waste. This feature in itself is enough to encourage further research. There are of course, further benefits. When placed on ground level, the low feeding opening makes this machine very easy to load.The low loading height and large loading apertures make this safe and easy for the public to use also. Of course once full, the WP30 will require emptying. An expanding roof makes this process straightforward every time. Prefer a maintenance free press chamber? This compactor is equipped. Finally, you will notice this machine offers a rib-free structure. You’re immediately met with a smooth surface where advertisements can be placed.

Can we choose a specific colour?

Yes, you can choose a colour. We adhere to safety rules and regulations at all times as well as ensuring a good small footprint. We use lead and chromium-free paints on all Wolfpak WP30 compactors.

Moving towards 2019 we foresee this compactor for cardboard to be the go-to model. Its smooth design, mobile ability and easy feeding make it ideal for household waste. To discuss this machine in more detail, please get in touch with our specialist team.

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